Are you scaling your legacy business with the real lifestyle you deserve with intention?

Are you scaling your legacy business with the real lifestyle you deserve with intention?

I want to show you how I went from having a sold out launch to realizing I want to have a LIFE where I can spend time with loved ones.
I’ve had a six figure launch.

I’ve also had sold out launches.

They’re nice, but I remember feeling so overwhelmed and tired after each one.

I started feeling resentful in my own work.

I realize I wanted more play and time with loved ones.
So, I started being more intentional with my time by putting more systems into place and ensuring to create a business that is aligned to me.
I realized that I didn’t just want a LEGACY business.

I wanted a Legacy Lifestyle business.

This is why I created the Legacy Lifestyle Inner Circle.

It’s focused on ensuring my clients create a business that matches the lifestyle they deserve.

Here is a picture of me and 4 generations of my family. I created my business for them.
Regardless of what’s happening in the world my clients are continuing to receive results.
These are messages from March and April of 2020.
"I'm a huge fan of Elaine. If you are someone that really wants to standout as someone who is doing things in a thoughtful high touch way deeply connecting with people's hearts, I highly recommend Elaine as a coach, a mastermind leader, and also as a speaker for your events"
The Legacy Lifestyle Inner Circle is invite only. 
You already know how to make money, the more important question is...

It is for people who want to scale to create the lifestyle they want.

The monetary goal is up to you.

I have a client who is projected to make $250k and wants to scale to $1 million.
I have another client who is happy with making $300k/year.

There is no judgment on what monetary goal you have. 

The important thing is making sure your business matches the life you truly want.

How Monica she just hit $100k after making $51k in her 
job last year!

Monica, Branding Strategist, Oregon, USA

How Randi gets consistent $10k months and is having her 
first retreat in Hawaii

Randi, Biz-Mindset Coach, Hawaii, USA

How Kat 4X'd her income

Kat, Visionary Strategist, Oregon, USA

How Lisa continues to get consistent clients 

Lisa, Nurse & Intuitive Healer, California, USA

Why Teresa decided to join 

Teresa, Life Strategist & Leadership Coach & 
Nonprofit Executive, California, USA

Why Jasmine decided to renew and how she's sold out 
in all 3 of her launches

Jasmine, CEO of The Olivia Rose Planners, New York, USA

How Cheryl made $12k right after joining the mastermind

Cheryl, Franchise, England

How Mazarine is landing $5k to $50k contracts

Mazarine, Nonprofit Consultant & Career Astrology, Oregon, USA

How Cassandra Le went from Cute Cassandra making $500/month to being CEO Cassandra and having her highest cash month in April making $15k in the bank.

Cassandra, Marketing & Branding, Spain

How Cassandra had the highest cash month during the pandemic

Cassandra Le, Marketing & Branding

Why Jada joined after 1 year wanting to join the Aligned Legacy Mastermind

Jada Neisha, Instagram Strategist

How Nicole doubled her revenue for 2020 already (compared to 2019) by just serving the hell out of her clients

Nicole C., Life Coach

Why Crystal Duan joined the Aligned Legacy Mastermind and how she already had a major mindset shift with her pricing and packaging for her beta program

Crystal D., Spirit Tutor

How Cheryl has more time with her 2 sons, and is making $3.6 M this year!

Cheryl White, Franchise

Why Kayla joined the Aligned Legacy Mastermind & her first group
 coaching call experience

Kayla, Social Media & Wellness Expert

Why Monica joined the mastermind 3x, and how she is making consistent 
5-digit months

Monica, Marketing Coach For Introverts

Why Monique came back to be my client after 2 years and how 
I've changed as a coach

Monique, Executive Leader & Consultant

How Jasmine had 5 sold out launches & renewed 2x in the mastermind

Jasmine, Owner "Olivia Rose Planner"

How Danielle got her first group paying client after 1 week in the mastermind

Danielle, Spiritual Advisor 

How Reyna made double her income after getting fired

Reyna Marrufo, Digital Marketing Strategist Coach

Elaine Lou Cartas is a business and career coach, speaker and #1 Amazon best selling author of “You Are Meant for More”, serving clients in over 21 different countries

Elaine specializes in helping women land their dream career and business opportunities through authentic relationships both online and offline. As a result, clients have received $25k raises, make multiple six-figures, transitioned into new careers and created their own global businesses.

Elaine has over a decade of experience as a political grassroots organizer, and nonprofit fundraiser. One of her proudest accomplishments was raising $1 million in student scholarships in 6 months, providing 200+ students scholarships. Today, Elaine is the founder of the Color Your Dreams Movement™, an initiative to inspire and support 1 million women of color create their dream business and life by 2025.

She has been featured in Forbes, VoyageLA, Badassery Magazine, Pasadena Magazine, and Good Morning La La Land. She has spoken around the world including Sweden and Indonesia, as well as Universal Music Studios. She leads free community events in the Los Angeles area. She lives in Pasadena, California and loves boxing.
I want to teach people how to create both impact and income,
while still being there for their family
Here’s the thing. I am a proud daughter of two immigrants from the Philippines. 

I thought following all the rules, getting straight A’s and even being valedictorian would guarantee me success. 

It did, but it didn’t necessarily guarantee me fulfillment and personal joy and happiness.

I thought I had to choose stability over fulfillment.

 And if I chose fulfillment, I wouldn’t have time to take care of my loved ones.

I realize, I CAN. That I can have fulfillment while also creating income and impact with my clients and family.

More importantly, that stability is a false mirage because I’ve lost relationships and even that stable nine-to-five job before.

This is the foundation. Our success is a reflection of the inner work. I know a lot of entrepreneurs including myself who have spent thousands on more intricate ways to get leads. And I will tell you, if you don’t get your inner work in place.

Through subconscious work, we learn how to manage blocks and triggers to continue to be the best version of yourself.

We are the writers of our own stories. We will identify what is blocking us, go deep in and move forward.

We get to write our present and future, and learn to be grateful from our past. 
OMG. I used to be so reactive. Launch, then rest for a day, and launch again. I also decided to do all the things based on emotions. I would do a challenge one month, a webinar another month, and a freebie another. I never looked at my numbers.

 I go through this carefully with my clients and will share with you my framework on how I make my decision based on numbers and alignment, rather than emotional reactions. Please note, that each business is different. I will not give you a copy and paste of what I do in my business. 

Instead, we intentionally look at what works for you with your gifts.
Scaling is not just about sales. It is also about looking at what you are spending, making sure there is a profit margin. We will start tracking, understanding cash flow and projections (this sh*t use to scare me, and now I love it!).

Once a quarter, we will go through your numbers. What I mean by numbers is not just your sales, but also profit margins.

By looking at our numbers we can help you make decision not just based by emotions or goldy shiny object syndrome, but based on what really works and focusing on.

How Nicole went from $500/month to $200k in 2020!

Why Monica has renewed with me since November 2018.

Why Kat Interviewed Other Coaches + Why she still works with me.

  • ​2 Hour Intensive 1:1 Call
During this first initial call, we identify your goals and create your Legacy Lifestyle map for success to create your own legacy.
  • ​1:1 Coaching As Needed
Sometimes you need a 1:1 deep dive to move forward with more clarity. There’s no limit into 1:1s, we will decide when you need this.
  • ​2-3 Group Coaching Calls per month
These calls happen the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 11:15 AM PST - 12:45 PM PST. This will include live trainings, and individualized hot seats.
(Check out our villa 😍) 
To watch the amazing mastermind experience from February 2020,

Press play and watch the video below ⬇️

I am all about in-person connection and community.

The Legacy Lifestyle Inner Circle retreat is September 2021. Depending on current circumstances, this will be in-person or virtual.

During this retreat you will learn how to:
- Heal and let go of blocks
- Create a plan to start 2021 right
- Create strong friendships with your inner circle sisters

As a Legacy Lifestyle Inner Circle client, your food is paid for. If this is in person, you will have to pay for the hotel room and flight.
The Legacy Lifestyle Inner Circle is MORE than learning about business and making more money.

This is an intentional experience ensuring you are creating the lifestyle you truly want.

Are you ready to step into the life you deserve?

A life with less hustle, and more flow and alignment?

Remember, we created these businesses so we can have more time freedom.

I want to teach people how to create a business, while still being there for their loved ones.

115 Client Results in 2020


1 Month Extra (Instead of 6 months working together, you receive 7).

Please note, as of May 1, 2020 2 spots have been taken. There is only 1 spot left. 
Fast Action Bonus 1: Valued at $1,250
First 10 people

If you are one of the first 10 people to join The first 5 clients to join Aligned Action will receive a 2 Hour 1:1 VIP 2020 Blueprint Intensive with me in-person or online. 

Get a 1:1 2 hour session with me in-person if you live in Los Angeles or virtually. We deep dive into your goals for 2019 and create actionable steps to hit your numbers and the business you want to create.
Value $1500
First 5: 4 hour 1:1 Launch intensive
  • We will put together your client journey from “follower” to ideal paying client
  • We’ll figure out your funnel and any collateral such as email sequences
  • We will also create target market
Please note, as of May 1, 2020 2 spots have been taken. There are only 3 spots left.
Fast Action Bonus 2: Valued at $2,000
First 6-10 people enrolled: Full Day “Launch Retreat”

We create your whole Launch sequence for the whole day on Saturday, June 13 from 9AM - 3PM

Fast Action Bonus 3: Valued at $997
Everyone: 4 Week Aligned Action Challenge

This will be 4 weeks of accountability ensuring your receiving either clients or prospects
Fast Action Bonus 4: Valued at $497
All templates for my launch emails, scripts, funnels and word-to-word script

Copy and Paste Converting Scripts: Get the exact scripts, emails and follow-ups that has led me to...
  • Speak around the world
  • Collaborate with industry leaders who have built 7-figure businesses and worked with Fortune 500 companies or been featured on the OWN Network
  • Land high end paying clients
Fast Action Bonus 5: Valued at $497
The Simple Systems Plug & Play Spreadsheet

In the beginning of our business, we create decisions based on emotions. It is important to track how we are getting clients. This spreadsheet allows you to see what’s working and not working in your own business. So that you can make logical decisions to systemize your own business.

It has helped my clients be more focus on the money generating activities that work best for them.

Use the template, and create it your own ;)
Bonus Action 6: $297
I am Elaine Lou and I am so excited for you to be possibly part of this program. This is a non cookie-cutter approach.

When you decide to create aligned legacy, we will focus on what works for you. I started my business 22 months ago, since then I have served over 130+ clients in 21 different countries. Being one of my Legacy Lifestyle Inner Circle clients, you are known to get results.

I’ve had clients hit 6-figures after leaving their jobs. How? I focus on what is aligned to the individual so that they can serve their client and customers to their highest powers.

I will teach you how to create both income and impact. More importantly, how to do it that feels authentic to your truth rather than a carbon copy of anything else.

The basis of everything I teach is relationship building. As more people get online, you will have to stand out by speaking your most authentic truth. In doing so, everything must be done with aligned legacy.
Marketers, coaches, dog trainers, social workers, engineers, government employees, fashion designers, nonprofit consultants, c-suite executives, chefs, college students, mothers, physical therapists, jewelry designers, and authors.
 Yes, you need to be making at least $100k annually. This is not a newbie entrepreneur program. I need to know you have the mindset to make money. From there, we focus on scaling you to success with the right systems and team that feels aligned to you.
I have served both product based and service based providers. I have worked with architects, dog trainers, nonprofit consultants, jewelry designers, fashion designers, social media managers, marketing consultants, c-suite executives and therapists.
This is a 6 month program. It starts when you sign up, but if you are one of the first four people who sign up, you get to speak at one of my events where you receive promotion to my email list, Facebook and Instagram. You also get to do a Facebook and Instagram live to my audience. If you are one of the first 10 people, you receive a 2-hour VIP 1:1 intensive with me either in person or via zoom (it is in person if you love in the Los Angeles area).
YES! You receive 1:1s as needed.
How much time, energy and intention will determine the success you provide. At the same time, I always instill open communication and feedback so if there is anything you want to learn more on, ask me. 
We cap at 17 members at all times. 
YES! You will be invited to a 3-Day retreat in Los Angeles in February.
We’re not sharing that information publicly because the pricing varies. We have a full-pay option, an accelerated plan, and a six-month extended plan.
The entrepreneur who I can best support who has a mission-based business in high-end services, group coaching, courses, mastermind, speaking and writing. I have also been able to support product based businesses in fashion design, jewelry design and planners.

They are looking to scale a business that is aligned to them and not some cookie cutter approach.

They focus on opportunities and not obstacles.

They are creators and not complainers.

They want to create genuine relationships online and in-person.
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